Explaining the Liberal Mess – Part Three

READ PART TWO HERE The little l’s currently occupy the traditional heartland of the Liberal Party, the south-east suburbs of Victoria. While spattered about in other states too, the Liberal’s have performed exceptionally well in those seats since the party was created. The little l’s believe in the values of the party wholeheartedly, but, take a more socially progressive lean, favouring policies such as letting … Continue reading Explaining the Liberal Mess – Part Three

Explaining the Liberal Mess – Part One

This post is going to concentrate on issues about the Liberal party of Australia, concentrating first on that of the Victorian Liberal Party followed but that of the Federal Party. It will be a six-part post, starting on the 31st of December 2018 and finishing on the 8th of January 2019. Enjoy. The Victorian Liberal Party has historically been a force within the state, once … Continue reading Explaining the Liberal Mess – Part One

“I’m f**king done”

7:28 PM – Saturday, November 24th, 2 Hall St – VEC Voting Centre After watching a series of ballots come in for the safe seat of Hawthorn, a seat that has been Liberal since inception and has previously held the Leader of the Liberal Party – Ted Baillieu for 16 years – it was clear that something was up. The usual 8.6%+ margin expected for … Continue reading “I’m f**king done”