The Liberal’s Ticking Time-Bomb

The youth of Australia have become more visibly active in the political sphere, their voices booming through the streets of our major cities demanding action on climate change, refugees and LGBTIQA rights. While some may contend it is a part of a growing activist culture, representing the attitudes of a minority and sending children to the “dole queue”, it is rather evidence of the malcontent … Continue reading The Liberal’s Ticking Time-Bomb

The Damage of Dwindling​ Party Membership

For decades the involvement of the public directly within political parties has been decreasing. More and more is the membership base falling on party hacks, lifetime members and those with more extreme views. 

These days the major parties have around 40,000 members each. For comparison, the MCC has a waiting list of 225,000 people. This is creating many issues for the parties; however, I am … Continue reading The Damage of Dwindling​ Party Membership

How African-American Turnout Dropped From 96% To 11% Over Just Two Decades​

The year is 1876, America is towards the end of what is known as the Reconstruction Era, the period from 1863-1877 where the remnants of Confederate nationalism and slavery ended. During this period, three Constitutional amendments were made. The 13th Amendment to abolish slavery The 14th Amendment, guaranteeing United States citizenship to all persons born or naturalised in the United States and granting them federal … Continue reading How African-American Turnout Dropped From 96% To 11% Over Just Two Decades​

Voting Systems

Recently a friend was asking me to assist them with a speech they had to write for school. They decided they wanted to tackle the issue of voting systems. So we did a bit of investigation into the Australian voting system for the House of Representatives. This is what I discovered: Currently, the House of Representatives elects MP’s with the Instant-runoff voting system. This system … Continue reading Voting Systems

FFF – RAS Syndrome

RAS Syndrome is a term coined by the New Scientist in 2001. It refers to any word where one or more letters from the acronym are used in conjunction with the abbreviated form. A classic example is “PIN Number”, which in expanded form stands for “Personal Identification Number Number”. There is a touch of irony though to this syndrome or maybe clever humour on the part of … Continue reading FFF – RAS Syndrome