Explaining the Liberal Mess – Part Five

READ PART FOUR HERE Next question! Question (from memory): “Last week we saw Labor playing politics with national security. How do we get the message to the Australian people and in particular Victorians, that national security matters?” Josh Frydenberg (from memory): “We know in Victoria, from the attack how real the terrorist threat is. There have been seven terrorist attacks in Australia since 2013, there’s … Continue reading Explaining the Liberal Mess – Part Five

Gavin McInnes – Australia Tour

Much controversy has arisen from Gavin McInnes planned comedy┬átour around Australia. This has been due to some of the extreme views that Gavin states during his show, and other statements and actions to do with the group he established called the ‘Proud Boys’. The Proud Boys are a male-only alt-right group (however, they prefer to say they’re alt-lite), proudly declaring themselves as “Western chauvinists” with … Continue reading Gavin McInnes – Australia Tour