Explaining the Liberal Mess – Part Four

READ PART THREE HERE In a recent Kooyong meeting I attended, the seat once held by Robert Menzies himself and now held by the treasurer and deputy leader of the party Josh Frydenberg, a question was brought up as to why we are even a part of the Paris Climate agreement, another was brought up about medical evacuations of refugees. These were his responses: Question … Continue reading Explaining the Liberal Mess – Part Four

The Liberal’s Ticking Time-Bomb

The youth of Australia have become more visibly active in the political sphere, their voices booming through the streets of our major cities demanding action on climate change, refugees and LGBTIQA rights. While some may contend it is a part of a growing activist culture, representing the attitudes of a minority and sending children to the “dole queue”, it is rather evidence of the malcontent … Continue reading The Liberal’s Ticking Time-Bomb