Gavin McInnes – Australia Tour

Much controversy has arisen from Gavin McInnes planned comedy┬átour around Australia. This has been due to some of the extreme views that Gavin states during his show, and other statements and actions to do with the group he established called the ‘Proud Boys’. The Proud Boys are a male-only alt-right group (however, they prefer to say they’re alt-lite), proudly declaring themselves as “Western chauvinists” with … Continue reading Gavin McInnes – Australia Tour

FFF – The Seventh State of Australia

When the Australian Constitution was written in 1900 precautions were made to allow New Zealand to become a state at some point in the future. This is seen in the introductory section of the Constitution, in section 6, under Definitions. “The States shall mean such of the colonies of New South Wales, New Zealand, Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia, and South Australia, including the northern … Continue reading FFF – The Seventh State of Australia

The Issues Facing Pension Systems

As populations get older there is a common economic problem facing developed and emerging economies. The rise in life expectancy and the inflating of the median working age is leading to a strain on pre-existing pension systems, and creating a future that leaves younger generations in strife, as the dependency ratio reduces to new lows. These issues are already visible in Japan which has seen … Continue reading The Issues Facing Pension Systems