Australia Needs Pill Testing, NOW!

On June 19th, 1971, Richard Nixon announced “drug abuse” as America’s “public enemy number one”. This sparked a worldwide movement to crack down on the supply and consumption of illicit substances, including here in Australia. This, at the time, seemed justified. The 60s produced a vibrant counterculture amongst the youth leading to increased consumption of hallucinogens. The 70s brought heroin from American troops stationed in … Continue reading Australia Needs Pill Testing, NOW!

The Liberal’s Ticking Time-Bomb

The youth of Australia have become more visibly active in the political sphere, their voices booming through the streets of our major cities demanding action on climate change, refugees and LGBTIQA rights. While some may contend it is a part of a growing activist culture, representing the attitudes of a minority and sending children to the “dole queue”, it is rather evidence of the malcontent … Continue reading The Liberal’s Ticking Time-Bomb

Where to now

There is a question I wanted to ask Julie Bishop at the lecture, but never got the opportunity to,  it read as followed. “I consider myself a moderate Liberal, but the growth of the ‘Moral Conservatives’ and anti-intellectualism is deeply concerning and disenchanting to the point I no longer recognise myself in the party. Is there a future, that you see, where the party moves … Continue reading Where to now

“I’m f**king done”

7:28 PM – Saturday, November 24th, 2 Hall St – VEC Voting Centre After watching a series of ballots come in for the safe seat of Hawthorn, a seat that has been Liberal since inception and has previously held the Leader of the Liberal Party – Ted Baillieu for 16 years – it was clear that something was up. The usual 8.6%+ margin expected for … Continue reading “I’m f**king done”