University, here we come!

It was only two days ago that we, the Year 12’s of Victoria, received University offers. Whether they are first preferences, second preferences or even further down the list, it’s an emotional day for some or a meeting of expectations for others. Compared to the day we received our ATAR, it’s less of an ‘event’ despite being, potentially, more vital than the score itself. The … Continue reading University, here we come!

Great Scot Article – Section 44

The National Schools Constitution Convention is a meeting place of the great youth political minds of Australia. For three days, students from every state and territory meet to discuss and debate a particular constitutional issue. For the 2018 Convention, the topic was “Is Section 44 Relevant in a Modern Australia?”. For those who haven’t memorised their founding document, Section 44 is concerned about the qualities … Continue reading Great Scot Article – Section 44