Gavin McInnes – Australia Tour

Much controversy has arisen from Gavin McInnes planned comedy tour around Australia. This has been due to some of the extreme views that Gavin states during his show, and other statements and actions to do with the group he established called the ‘Proud Boys’. The Proud Boys are a male-only alt-right group (however, they prefer to say they’re alt-lite), proudly declaring themselves as “Western chauvinists” with … Continue reading Gavin McInnes – Australia Tour

The Damage of Dwindling​ Party Membership

For decades the involvement of the public directly within political parties has been decreasing. More and more is the membership base falling on party hacks, lifetime members and those with more extreme views. 

These days the major parties have around 40,000 members each. For comparison, the MCC has a waiting list of 225,000 people. This is creating many issues for the parties; however, I am … Continue reading The Damage of Dwindling​ Party Membership

FFF – Camel Beauty Competition Cheaters!

Each year in Saudi Arabia, King Abdulaziz runs an annual Camel Festival, a celebration and showcase of everything camel, featuring 30,000 camels over an entire month! The main attraction of the festival is the “Miss Camel” beauty contest, with a prize of 20 million Riyal ($7.22m AUD) for the winning camel. This has pushed some camel owners to consider cheating as a way to secure the … Continue reading FFF – Camel Beauty Competition Cheaters!

FFF – The City of Melbourne Has a Flag

Did you know that the City of Melbourne has its own flag? Me neither, and I think it is because it’s one of most misdesigned flags. For those who have never seen it before, it looks like this: It is made up of four quadrants, separated by the cross of Saint George, with the Royal Crown in the middle to symbolise the monarchy. In the … Continue reading FFF – The City of Melbourne Has a Flag