University, here we come!

It was only two days ago that we, the Year 12’s of Victoria, received University offers. Whether they are first preferences, second preferences or even further down the list, it’s an emotional day for some or a meeting of expectations for others. Compared to the day we received our ATAR, it’s less of an ‘event’ despite being, potentially, more vital than the score itself.

The only part of it that was odd was the timing of acceptances being released. There were some friends who had their’s by mid-day or some even as early as 10:00. But, officially they’re meant to be released at 2:00. Mine came in at 1:30, so I was forced to wait a little longer than everyone else.

The moment you receive is a nice bit of relief though. I had spent almost two months since the day I walked out of my last exam, waiting for this little letter stating that I had gotten into my course.

Which bring me to the course, I am now officially a member of the University of Melbourne. However, I got my second preference, studying a Bachelor of Arts, rather than a bachelor of Commerce. Therefore, I will have this day all over again on the 4th of February when second-round offers come through.

In the meantime, I’ve enrolled in my classes and sorted out how the year is going to play through. I’ve put myself forward for a Major in Economics, which sadly means I have no option of completing Breadth subjects. Winemaking classes will have to wait until another day sadly.

So, my plan is to complete my first semester of my Bachelor of Arts and transfer over to a Bachelor of Commerce. It means I will have to complete a single summer subject to make up for the core Arts subject. That’s an extra thousand and a bit dollars of debt, but once I complete a masters degree that’ll seem like pennies compared to the rest of my student debt.

For my first semester of Arts I’ve decided to undertake the core subject of ‘Power’. It’s highly political elements were naturally attractive, and I had a friend who received an H1 in the subject, so, I may be able to get some essay’s to assist me in my thinking on the topic. However, I have been advised that Marx makes quite the appearance throughout the subject, will be interesting to document how frequent a character he is in my education.

I’ll be taking introductory Microeconomics as part of my major, which will be transferable in terms of credits which is helpful. For my arts electives, I’ll be doing Australian Politics and Introduction to Political Ideas. There seems to be a common thread, so, the overlap should help me to get a good enough score in both that my WAM will allow me to transfer with some ease.

In the mean time, I’ve been offered a spot at Ormond College. This will be an amazing opportunity to expand on my university experience. The social element it will allow is what I’m really looking forward too. The dinner chats and garden strolls, sports on the knoll and cafe spats.

The extra tutors and educational options will also further assist me in getting the WAM that I need to move over to Commerce.

When it comes to clubs and societies, I know I need to do my research. The Melbourne University Liberal Club has put its hand out for me to become a member for the last year or so, already inviting me to attend events that they’re holding. I know I’d be a welcome member there, but it would heavily ostracise me from those in my Arts degree, and probably the Arts tutors too.

My consideration of becoming non-partisan also puts me at odds with that offer.

I’ll definitely be loooking around at what is on offer to do with debating and public speaking, but at this point there are so many clubs that it’s hard to know where to start!

Then there are those involved with the college too. I know I need to carefully craft a balance of involvement and not go too heavily on either side of my Uni, College or Personal life.

For now, these are all matters I have over a month or so to sort out. Classes do not start until March 4 and O-Week is just under a month off.


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