Explaining the Liberal Mess – Part Four


In a recent Kooyong meeting I attended, the seat once held by Robert Menzies himself and now held by the treasurer and deputy leader of the party Josh Frydenberg, a question was brought up as to why we are even a part of the Paris Climate agreement, another was brought up about medical evacuations of refugees.

These were his responses:

Question (from memory):
Why is Australia still part of the Paris Climate Accords?

Josh Frydenberg (from memory):
“When Tony Abbott was Prime Minister, he signed the Paris Climate Agreement, at a 26 to 28 percent target. When it comes to the 26 to 28 per cent target, we’re very confident that we will easily meet that target. The reason being, that technology is taking over, and there is one thing you can’t do, you can’t stand in the way of technology. Just like you can’t stand in the way of an iPhone, you can’t stand in the way of a DVD player, and you can’t stand in the way of Netflix. Everything is changing so rapidly, one thing we have to do in relation to emissions reduction, is ensure the reliability of our system, that means keeping our coal-fired power stations going. They will not keep going under Labor, and that is because their target, of 45% will see these power stations close. Our policy is reasonable, is balanced, can be achieved. Labor’s target will force a readjustment to the energy sector, it will force the closure of power stations, and ultimately less reliability and higher prices.”

The issue throughout all this, other than the gross misuse of analogies regarding technology growth, is the absolute disregard for what the scientific community has stated. Australia will not hit its target, we will not hit them in a “canter” to quote the PM, no one, other than the delusion members of the cabinet are “very confident” that we will reach these targets.

This is then further pushed by Frydo’s partisan nature towards Labor’s policy, half of which has been adopted from the Liberals anyway in the form of the NEG. Labor wants a readjustment of the power sector, why the Liberals don’t is beyond me. It is expensive, polluting and ageing. Renewables will be cheaper, are already bringing down power bills and aren’t breaking down in the summer heat like the coal-fired plants have.

The NSW Liberals are aware of all this, recently calling upon the Federal government to begin action on climate change. At the latest COAG (Council of Australian Governments [Where the Premiers and PM meet]), the NSW Energy Minister, Don Harwin of the Liberal Party, declared that we must be net zero emissions by 2050 and that the federal government needs to get their act together.

Don Harwin represents the views that many voiceless Liberals have within the party. That view is hardly allowed to boil its way up through the conservative muck festering on the still water of our current leaders.

Another voice, John Hewson, who was the leader of the Liberal Party from 1990-94, recently appeared on the Australian Institutes podcast ‘Follow the Money’, stating that the party must embrace renewables, aim for zero emissions and #StopAdani for creating their new coal mine.

I could go on with this climate change fiasco, but I think it’s best to move on, you get the point that these voices have been silenced and thus moderate Liberals made to feel impotent and pointless.

Next question!

To Be Continued…


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