Explaining the Liberal Mess – Part Three


The little l’s currently occupy the traditional heartland of the Liberal Party, the south-east suburbs of Victoria. While spattered about in other states too, the Liberal’s have performed exceptionally well in those seats since the party was created.

The little l’s believe in the values of the party wholeheartedly, but, take a more socially progressive lean, favouring policies such as letting refugees off of Nauru, opening injecting rooms or pill-testing facilities, pushing for renewable energy, (a small few) legalising marijuana and supporting LGBTIQA rights such as during the same-sex marriage debate.

This group, however, has been ignored in the last decade to pursue what is known as the ‘Queensland strategy’, targeting marginal seats in the most conservative state in the country, taking back lost ground from groups such as the Australian Conservatives and One Nation.

This has pushed the most conservative members of the party to the forefront – Tony Abbott and Peter Dutton leading the charge.

They have been supported by Senator Abetz, a despicable man who bullied Lucy Gichuhi in the party room during the August leadership spill to support Peter Dutton, as they were both “Christians” and thus needed to support another religious man like herself into the top job. She, however, loudly refused his calls telling him off in front of everyone for being a part of this coup and trying to tear down this party for personal gain.

Now, we’re left with a fool who found himself sitting upon a throne. Scott Morrison, a man most famous for bringing a lump of coal into parliament or being the managing director during the horrible “So where the bloody hell are you?” tourism campaign, is now halfway between the big L’s and extra large L’s.

He has backed his weight behind coal, created the operation sovereign borders plan and is pushing for greater religious freedoms at the cost of a child’s education. He sure works well as a Queensland strategy PM, but as a PM to retain the heartland of his party he has failed miserably.

The division remains within the party, with Member for Chisholm (VIC) Julia Banks leaving the party for the crossbench. Other independent MPs that have taken seats off of other Liberals have proven their record to be that of moderate Liberals, with Kerryn Phelps the latest example of an independent that is a Liberal with empathy.

This is creating a significant divide in the party, with the voters and Liberal Party members of Warringah of NSW building support to knock out Tony Abbott as their representative. In a recent preselection, Tony Abbott against an empty chair only received 68% support from his electorates party members.

There is clearly a backlash by members to overthrow many of the more conservative elements of the party, but nothing seems to be getting done, and many of the more moderate members feel silenced or incapable of action.

To Be Continued… The next one is a long one


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