A Sense of Wonder

When was the last time you left your house and just went and explored somewhere? When was the last time you got lost in a new place, went down a road you’ve never seen, or eaten at a place you’ve never heard of?

The truth is there’s been a sad decay in the curiosity we have for our own world. Or more appropriately that curiosity is still there, but our lust to seek out these adventures has diminished.

Work and school has taken a grip on us, and the world of wonder that lies within a screen has stolen us from the true splendours that lay on our doorsteps.

I long for a time when individuals quarrel about the best place to see the city at night, or where the best lane art can be found.

The mind numbing activities, the constant stream of videos and photos that entertain us so well should be given a place in society as a form of happiness.

But the true source of enjoyment for those who wish to seek Wonder in their worlds should be that of exploration!

Our sprawling metropolises lend wonderfulling to hours, days, weeks and years of adventure. It is about time we transitioned to this kind of lifestyle.


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