Legalisation of Marijuana

All across the world marijuana is beginning to see acceptance and legalisation. This change has come slowly with only a few states legalising the drug. In the US progress has been even more drawn back, with only nine states that have completely legalised the drug. Here in Australia, some progress has been made, with Victoria being the first state to allow medical marijuana. But still, its availability for recreational use is illegal.

My own personal belief for marijuana is that is should certainly be legal in every country for medical reasons. The degree to which that is implemented across society is not up to me, but I believe that a transition process should be used to introduce the drug. This process should start by first allowing hospitals access to the drug, then specialists and finally GP’s. Measures should also be made to ensure the drug is stored safely and securely in pharmacy’s or any other location where distribution occurs.

For recreational purposes, I have a more stringent belief. Personally, I believe that marijuana should be decriminalised and legalised. Initially, marijuana plantations should be state-owned. This allows for stronger control of supply, and it ensures that the standards of production are maintained. However, after a few years, these plantations should be privatised to ensure that there can be growth and competition within the market. The initial state ownership will guarantee that the plantations are at government standards.

From there the drug should be distributed by pharmacists and marijuana specialist stores. Each of these stores will require a series of permits that ensure the correct storage and sale of the product. The product itself should be sold only to individuals 16 or up. However, there will be limitations on the amount an individual can purchase within a given period depending on their age bracket.

The way that will be determined is through a marijuana id card. This card will be given to individuals who complete a medical with a GP. This ensures that they are told the possible medical repercussions of taking the drug, and the individual is proven to be in a physical state that would not be compromised by taking the drug. The ID card will include your date of birth, photo, contact details, and the details of the GP who issued the card.

For individuals between the age of 16-18, they will only be allowed 5g a month. Those who are 18-21 will be allowed 10g a month. And for those who are over the age of 21 will be allowed 15g.

These are just some general ideas for ensuring the safe introduction of recreational marijuana into society. As the drug becomes more accepted some of these laws will potentially be loosened. The one big reason that I believe this drug should be made recreationally available is to take money away from drug cartels, to reduce the size of the non-violent prison population and to increase state revenue. I believe that the legalisation of this drug will have strong positive economic and social benefits to the societies of Australia and other nations.


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