University, here we come!

It was only two days ago that we, the Year 12’s of Victoria, received University offers. Whether they are first preferences, second preferences or even further down the list, it’s an emotional day for some or a meeting of expectations for others. Compared to the day we received our ATAR, it’s less of an ‘event’ despite being, potentially, more vital than the score itself. The … Continue reading University, here we come!

Australia Needs Pill Testing, NOW!

On June 19th, 1971, Richard Nixon announced “drug abuse” as America’s “public enemy number one”. This sparked a worldwide movement to crack down on the supply and consumption of illicit substances, including here in Australia. This, at the time, seemed justified. The 60s produced a vibrant counterculture amongst the youth leading to increased consumption of hallucinogens. The 70s brought heroin from American troops stationed in … Continue reading Australia Needs Pill Testing, NOW!

Explaining the Liberal Mess – Part Four

READ PART THREE HERE In a recent Kooyong meeting I attended, the seat once held by Robert Menzies himself and now held by the treasurer and deputy leader of the party Josh Frydenberg, a question was brought up as to why we are even a part of the Paris Climate agreement, another was brought up about medical evacuations of refugees. These were his responses: Question … Continue reading Explaining the Liberal Mess – Part Four

Explaining the Liberal Mess – Part Two

READ PART ONE HERE Reading the ‘Quarterly Essay’ for the January quarter this year revealed an interesting perspective on the state of the economy, politics, society and neo-liberalism within a modern Australia. It insisted on tearing apart aspects of the Liberal party’s beliefs and actions, partly through quoting Sir Robert Menzies. One of those quotes read: The moment we establish, or perpetuate, the principle that … Continue reading Explaining the Liberal Mess – Part Two

Explaining the Liberal Mess – Part One

This post is going to concentrate on issues about the Liberal party of Australia, concentrating first on that of the Victorian Liberal Party followed but that of the Federal Party. It will be a six-part post, starting on the 31st of December 2018 and finishing on the 8th of January 2019. Enjoy. The Victorian Liberal Party has historically been a force within the state, once … Continue reading Explaining the Liberal Mess – Part One

FFF – The $7 Donation

If you haven’t been keeping up with the latest news in the wonderful world of Donald J. Trump, you may have missed the news that the Trump Foundation, the ‘philanthropic’ side to Trump’s personality, has been shut down due to continued and gross illegality in the use of the charity’s funds. The most egregious example is a $25,000 donation to the re-election campaign of Florida … Continue reading FFF – The $7 Donation

The Liberal’s Ticking Time-Bomb

The youth of Australia have become more visibly active in the political sphere, their voices booming through the streets of our major cities demanding action on climate change, refugees and LGBTIQA rights. While some may contend it is a part of a growing activist culture, representing the attitudes of a minority and sending children to the “dole queue”, it is rather evidence of the malcontent … Continue reading The Liberal’s Ticking Time-Bomb